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Support Groups

Support Groups are available as a response to the needs of those suffering from MG. They offer an excellent opportunity to share coping techniques, build moral and learn more about this disease. When you attend a support group meeting you can learn from other MG patients about their experiences. We encourage you to invite family members or friends to attend meetings with you. We have two active groups in Arizona that meet during the months of January through May and September through November. Responsible for those meeting are: Tucson/Southern Arizona Area Jim and Jan LoVecchio 1748 W. Great Oak Dr Tucson, AZ 86746 520-­889­-6910 In Tucson area meetings are held different libraries in Tucson, AZ.2nd Saturday of September, October, November, December, then, January, February, March, and April the following year. Support group notice for Tucson: Saturday, March 8th at 10:30 am Location: ALAS 6510 E. 22nd St Tucson AZ 85710 In the Phoenix area meetings are held generally the last Saturday of the month. New meeting place: American Legion Hall #1 364 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ Saturday, March 22nd 10:30 am In addition to the above, the below Myasthenics have agreed on a day to day basis to assist Myasthenics: West Valley (Sun City) Wayne Magee 623­-242-­9614 , 480­-205­-2556 cell wmageerdc@aol.com Fountain Hills Edward C. Kaps 480­-837-­8728 kaps2@cox.net
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